What is My Stormwater?

Stormwater is the water runoff caused by rain or snow on our sidewalks, roads and driveways. This runoff goes into stormdrains and into local waterbodies such as lakes, streams and rivers.

How does My Stormwater affect the Environment?

As Stormwater travels to a stromdrain, it collects any debris and pollutants on the street. These pollutants travel with the stormwater into our local water bodies. This pollution affects local wildlife, killing fish and plant life. It also causes harmful algae blooms which, in addition to killing aquatic life, makes the water unstable for human recreation.

What can I do?

Most people think that water pollution is caused by major corporations and although this can sometimes be the case most of our water pollution comes from our own trash. Below are a list of things you can do to keep this from happening:
  • Don’t litter.
  • Don’t dump anything down the storm drain. It is not a trashcan.
  • When you walk dog, be sure to pick up its waste. Pet waste can get into the stormdrain and contaminante water.
  • Try not to overfertilize your lawn. Fertilizer contains harmful chemicals.
  • Blow Grass clipings onto your lawn.
  • Don’t wash you car on the driveway. Soap runs off your driveway and into the stormdrain. Go to a car wash or try washing the car on grass.
These are some simple things you can do. If you would like to get more involved see the link below: https://www.adopt-a-drain.org/